Welcome to the Furry Footstool

Welcome to the Furry Footstool
Oh god the camera...the camera

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sleep over

Well I have to be quick here since I am off to have a sleep over at Boomer's. My human is going out of town so I get a weekend with my bestest buddy in the whole world. See everyone later!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I know I haven't had my human posting my thoughts lately because something called the internet has been broken at the den and my human has not been happy. There was some sort of discussion with these people who provide the internet that was far from happy. It seems that it may be fixed but apparently that was what was told the last time. So I guess we shall see.

Today appears to be a day of being brushed by my other live in human Deii. Believe it or not I love being brushed despite the initial sight of the brush sort of freaks me out I don't know why. I have been told I have the look of 'being beaten' at first that both my human and Deii find funny. I just don't quite understand it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Outing at Petsmart

Well I was taken to that place my human calls Petsmart. It is like a giant candy store for us. Though I'm not so sure how I feel about it all the time. Other humans want to pet me and lets face it they scare me and I have no where to hide besides tying my human up in knots with the thing that is the leash. Along with that the other human who lives in the house that my human calls Deii brought the dreaded camera. So I guess I have to have to show a few of them.

This is me in the car, I couldn't back far enough away from the camera. My human says it's a bit blurry due to me moving and the fact that we hit a bump on the road.

This one is me being tricked by the one known as Deii to looking up. I guess it can be considered a good picture of me. I am told it is a good picture of me.

Now here we are on to the final two pictures...I don't know what my human was thinking. Really? I mean I guess I could say that they are interesting. Some sort of correlation was made with something called Steampunk. I have no idea. I really don't know how I feel about these and I don't really see the point of them. I don't really stick my head out the window. I guess I will have to see what others say about this...


Oooo those cable guys

Well I must say that I was forced to defend the house from the evils that are the cable guys. I mean I guess it was a good thing that the cable man came because otherwise there would be no way to add this adventure to my blog. But do not like. He seemed like he could have been nice but I don't know. I gave him a vicious talking to from the safety of the basement. I know I know sounds sad doesn't it. Be proud I did watch him leave with a huff and a snort and lots of laughter from my human and other resident human with the 'wiggly furry growth' as she deems to refer to the ferret of the house to me. All I want to do is play with her.

I have heard that we may be going out to the pet store, apparently my human has to return something that was suppose to go to the chatty bird named Buddy. Apparently it does not fit well in his den. I'm not sure about this just yet.

I have also heard that I was added to the Daily Corgi and that my human has thanked the one known as Laurie for adding it. That is exciting, though I don't know what to make of this camera business maybe I should just hide for the rest of the day.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hi I'm Jake

Welcome to my blog, the Furry Footstool, I know I know but my human decided that it would be cute and witty. I'm just not quite sure about that. I mean I guess it is kind of true because well I am short and I have a long back. I guess if I stood next to the couch someone could prop their feet up. I doubt anyone would but who knows. Well I should introduce myself, as I said in my title, I'm Jake. I'm a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which some of you non-corgi goers may not know from my picture at the top. It means yes I have a tail. Hmmm let's see what else can I add here for the world and possibly other Corgis to see.

First off I should mention I am a rescue. I was given a forever home in January of 2006. The story behind me finding my forever home is kind of a sad one. I was suppose to be taken home in December of 2005, but needless to say that after nearly two weeks they decided on the very last day that they were to take me home that they didn't want me. So alas I had to be put back up for adoption. It must have been ment to be because my loving human came to get me driving 78 miles to seemingly the ends of the road, well it literally is the end of one expressway. So that is how I found my forever home.

Now that the teary eyed section may be out of the way lets see what else. My best friend is a 120lb Akita named Boomer. I love Dentistix like they are going to disappear. I hate camera...they steal your soul...they do I swear! I love to chase kitties no matter the trouble it gets me in and Yes I do get into trouble. That is one of the reasons my human has no kitties. I am extremely shy so if I bark at you in my HUGE dog voice it is only so I can run away where it is safe. I love all things furry, scaly, and feathery that walk, slither, and crawl...except kitties, kitties are just fun to chase. I am very good with all of my toys...well except the one, the moose, or at least the original moose he just had to die. Stuffing STUFFING everywhere....well till I got caught then it got taken away but I killed it and killed it dead. I was evil...

Hmmm anything else? Let's see I like long walks on the beach....ahh never mind we'll leave that for another day. *Scampers off*